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Best Martial Arts for Kids Columbia, MO

Best martial arts for kids Columbia, MO. Aside from pushing the limits on occasion and perhaps driving you a little crazy, you always want the best for your kids throughout the Columbia, MO area. Well, Gracie Barra Washington can help. We are the home of the Columbia, MO area’s best martial arts for kids.

Gracie Barra Washington stands above the Columbia, MO area competition with several daily classes in the best martial arts for kids and a convenient and accessible gym near you in Columbia, MO. We offer an environment that encourages and empowers children through the fantastic world of martial arts, while instilling important life skills and connecting them with lifelong friends. Our certified instructors do not allow bullying, hostility, or intimidation.

If you’re ready to sign your kids up for the best martial arts near Columbia, MO, give us a call at 636-266-9388 or contact us online to schedule a free initial class today.

Best Martial Arts for Kids Near Columbia, MO: What is the Focus at Gracie Barra Washington?

We teach the principles, philosophies, and fundamentals of the best martial arts around. With over 900 schools worldwide and 400 in North America, Gracie Barra is the leading martial arts for kids organization in the world.

As opposed to other martial arts schools near Columbia, MO, Gracie Barra Washington employs a long-term approach to child development. The program you pick as a parent should efficiently teach your kids the martial arts skills you want to develop, while reinforcing the values and conduct you teach at home. We’re a community, a family with:

  • A mission – We share the philosophy, the “way of life” of Master Carlos Gracie Jr that highlights a path for children to a healthier lifestyle and the most efficient and effective use of physical, mental, and spiritual strength. We always aim to boost a student’s quality of life through delightful, engaging classes.
  • A strong atmosphere – Having a solid foundation of positivity in your kids’ lives is so beneficial. You cannot completely control their experiences everywhere – at home, at school, or even on the road – and it can wear on you. At Gracie Barra Washington though, we focus on making class the most enjoyable part of your kids’ week.
  • A feeling of belonging – Your kids do not have to be the top athletes in class here at Gracie Barra Washington. No matter their age, size, strength, or skill level, you will always realize they are a valued member of the team.

Gracie Barra Washington provides the Columbia, MO area’s best martial arts for kids. We also offer the following to our Columbia, MO neighbors:

Best Martial Arts for Kids Columbia, MO | Columbia, MO Martial Arts | Gracie Barra Washington

Best Martial Arts for Kids Near Columbia, MO: Why Your Children Should Try Martial Arts at Gracie Barra Washington

The top martial arts for kids in Columbia, MO have exceptional effects on the mental and physical health of your children. While exercise is one of the key reasons many parents find martial arts so compelling for their kids, along with getting them out of the house and off their nerves for a while, there are numerous other benefits. Below are six reasons why your kids should be participating at Gracie Barra Washington:

  • 1. The Best Martial Arts for Kids Classes Near Columbia, MO Build Confidence
  • From the outside looking in, martial arts can seem intimidating for kids. From sparring with fellow students to the intricate series of movements involved in learning each pattern, your kids will likely be anxious but excited throughout the first few classes near Columbia, MO. But, after that, you will start noticing their self-assurance shine through. Martial arts is all about conquering obstacles, setting goals, and achieving milestones, leading to the development of a positive self-perception and a belief in their skills.

  • 2. Your Kids Will Learn Discipline and Respect
  • Your kids will learn important life skills like showing respect, following etiquette, and practicing self-discipline at Gracie Barra Washington. These characteristics promote good behavior, social skills, and positive relationships. As an example, if your kids have anger issues, martial arts allows them to take their anger out in a productive and healthy fashion, teaching them to control and turn their tempers into motivation. While learning martial arts takes time and practice, if your kids stick with it, you’ll notice the rewards of well-balanced, driven and more confident children.

  • 3. Your Children Will Build Strength, Stamina, Balance, and Speed Near Columbia, MO
  • Over 6.5 million kids take part in martial arts in the U.S. Like other popular sports options out there in and around Columbia, MO, martial arts classes at Gracie Barra Washington help build your kids’ endurance, strength, coordination, and speed. After only a few classes, you’ll begin to notice their muscles getting stronger and their reflexes getting faster.

    Call us today at 636-266-9388 or contact us online to join the best martial arts for kids classes.

  • 4. Your Children Will Learn Conflict Resolution Near Columbia, MO
  • Nobody looks forward to, or really likes for that matter, confrontation. Learning to resolve conflicts in a healthy way is something to embrace. Contrary to popular opinion, martial arts are about steering clear of fights; not about getting into them. Recent research from the National Library of Medicine shows that martial arts training can minimize aggressive behavior because it teaches children discipline and self-control. Our classes near Columbia, MO help your kids to improve their listening skills, develop a sense of calm, enhance their focus, and build resilience. Trusting themselves makes a world of difference.

  • 5. Your Kids Are Taught How to Handle Bullying
  • An estimated 25 percent of kids is a victim of bullying. That’s an alarming and sobering amount. We do not teach retaliation near Columbia, MO. But, we do instruct kids on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals that establish the best self-defense tactics around. Martial arts training at Gracie Barra is an excellent method for kids to learn defense skills in order for your peace of mind and their safety.

  • 6. Our Classes Help Columbia, MO Kids With Memorization and Retention
  • Because of the sheer number of increasingly complex patterns and methods students need to learn and perform, our martial arts classes require dedication, focus, and concentration. Our techniques at Gracie Barra Washington are broken down into manageable segments, allowing your kids to acquire gradually, replicating and building on what they have already mastered. Reinforcement is key in this process. In due course, your kids will meld everything together into fluid maneuvers. As they get older, martial arts is an excellent to increase and challenge their memorization and cognitive retention skills.

    Best Martial Arts for Kids Columbia, MO | Columbia, MO Area Kids Martial Arts | Gracie Barra

    Team Up With the Provider of the Best Martial Arts for Kids in the Columbia, MO Area | Gracie Barra Washington

    Our martial arts school near Columbia, MO provides a great venue to expose your kids to numerous life lessons and interpersonal skills and core values through the best martial arts for kids. Our instructors are highly skilled martial arts coaches, as well as exceptional role models for children. They are perceptive to the needs and sensitivities of kids, and are adept at motivating and empowering them with the necessary skills to excel.

    Rooted in honor, respect, well-being, and discipline, martial arts serves as an outstanding supplement to at-home parental guidance. Many parents find that the advantages of martial arts for kids are unmatched. We are sure you will feel the same way, as well. Our chief objective is to cultivate confidence in your children, empowering them with the necessary skills they need to defend themselves against bullies in and around Columbia, MO, while simultaneously sharpening their minds. Our program is set up to provide children with a platform to foster a lifelong passion for martial arts and a pathway to become exemplary citizens, committed students, and empathetic human beings.

    We understand that you always strive for the best for your children. That’s why we invite you to visit the home of the Columbia, MO area’s best martial arts for kids. Take the first step and enroll your children now or get more information about our martial arts programs by calling us at 636-266-9388 or contacting us online.

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