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Adult Martial Arts Classes

Adult martial arts classes in Washington, MO. The Gracie Barra Washington adult martial arts classes focus on building core strength and cardiovascular fitness in a fun, social setting where everyone is considered part of the family. Our classes are designed to fit around your busy schedule.

We understand that juggling an overloaded schedule with trying to stay fit is a major challenge. Our adult martial arts classes are considered a top alternative to a gym workout.

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Adult Martial Arts Classes: Why Train at Gracie Barra Washington?

Gracie Barra is the leading adult martial arts organization in the world. We have over 900 schools worldwide and 400 in North America. We teach the principles, philosophies, and fundamentals of the best martial arts around. At Gracie Barra Washington, we’re a community, a family with:

  • A mission – “Jiu jitsu is for everyone.” We also spread the philosophy, the “way of life” of Master Carlos Gracie Jr that shows students a path to a healthier lifestyle and the most effective use of physical, mental, and spiritual strength. We always look to increase a student’s quality of life through fun, engaging classes.
  • A strong atmosphere – Having a solid foundation of positivity in your life is invaluable. You can’t completely control your experiences everywhere – at home, at work or school, or even on the road – and it can wear on you. But, at Gracie Barra Washington, we focus on making our class the best part of your week.
  • A sense of belonging – At Gracie Barra Washington, you don’t have to be the best athlete in class. And, no matter your age, size, strength, or skill level, you’ll always know you’re a valued member of the team.

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Adult Martial Arts Classes Washington | Martial Arts Near Washington | Gracie Barra

Adult Martial Arts Classes: What Are the Benefits of Training at Gracie Barra Washington?

As we age, we usually become more stubborn and set in our ways. Join Gracie Barra Washington today and start learning martial arts so it becomes a part of who you are for decades to come. The advantages include:

  • Physical Fitness
  • One of the primary benefits of adult martial arts classes at Gracie Barra Washington is physical fitness. Martial arts taught right involve many exercises and techniques that target different muscle groups. These improve endurance, flexibility, strength, and coordination. Taking part in our classes regularly can help you stick to a regime while losing weight, building muscle, and improving your overall fitness level, including:

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  • Self-Defense
  • Another benefit of Gracie Barra Washington adult martial arts classes is self-defense. According to a 2020 report by Statista, there were more than 921,000 reported cases of aggravated assault in the previous three decades in the U.S. Studying the techniques in martial arts, such as strikes, throws, and joint locks, gives you the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones effectively and confidently.

  • Social Interaction
  • Adult martial arts classes at Gracie Barra Washington provide an opportunity for social interaction. Our classes involve group training, which creates a strong sense of community and camaraderie. We forbid hostility, intimidation, and bullying, no matter the age of the students. This family-like setting is especially beneficial for adults who have busy schedules and limited opportunities to socialize. Our classes also offer many benefits for office life, particularly advantageous seeing as you probably see your coworkers more than your own family.

  • Mental Discipline
  • The Gracie Barra Washington adult martial arts classes also promote mental discipline. The practice of martial arts requires focus, concentration, and discipline. These skills are essential in everyday life, and studying martial arts can help you develop them. Our classes also promote self-awareness and self-discipline, which can help you manage stress and improve your mental health.

Adult Martial Arts Classes Washington | Adult Martial Arts in Washington Area | Gracie Barra Washington

Connect With a Leader in Adult Martial Arts Classes | Gracie Barra Washington

Every martial art is unique and our Gracie Barra Washington certified instructors teach a conglomerate of principles from several different styles of martial arts. We offer the area’s best adult martial arts classes – no matter your age, size, strength, or skill set – with a wide array of programs and classes.

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