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Women’s Martial Arts Program

Should a girl know how to fight? Why should a female be part of Gracie Barra?

A Gracie Barra Introduction

Our Washington Mo location makes it convenient for individuals in Washington and the neighboring areas to attend classes. World Class martial arts and self-defense training classes have never been easier to attend and participate in for women in the area.

Our Academy provides a set of courses that are designed to introduce women into the art of martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as well as other courses and classes within the Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program.

BJJ is a great opportunity for women who are interested in learning how to protect themselves. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a form of martial arts that was created and excels in allowing smaller individuals to defeat stronger, bigger opponents through weight manipulation and strength defeating combinations.

Comprehensive Self-Defense

The Gracie Barra Women’s Program in Washington Mo combines personalized self-defense curriculum with a focus on drills that represent realistic attack and escape scenarios.

Our classes are combined with strength enhancing exercise regiments that go beyond what normal gyms are capable of offering or advertising.

The Gracie Barra Pink Team is a unique martial arts team and class set that is offered only to women who want an inclusive experience designed to meet the unique athletic needs of women while also being social and fun.

“Girls compete against each other, but Women empower one another”

Gb Womens Jiu Jitsu 1

Gb Womens Jiu Jitsu 1

    Womens Program Benefits

  • Learn how to protect yourself from most common attacks

  • Develop awareness and self-confidence to deal with typical assaults against women

  • Increase focus, energy and concentration

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Enjoy significant gains in overall fitness level

  • Become part of the “GB Family”

  • Train in over 400 locations in North America and 900 worldwide

  • Free access to the school’s events and special classes

Gb Womens Jiu Jitsu 3

Gb Womens Jiu Jitsu 3

Positive and Friendly

Our Womens Classes are friendly, positive, and inclusive to all skill levels. Martial arts, particularly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can seem intimidating to women, but our classes are absolutely not intimidating. At your first class, you’ll find a group of women, some of whom will be wearing pink-trimmed GB uniforms, ready to welcome you to the group. The instructor will run several basic drills and after a few classes you will catch up with the rest of the group. Once you master the basics you will really enjoy the intensity of a class based on effective self-defense techniques and real life scenarios.

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